About Mariah-

Who am I?  Well, that is a good question, one that I am not equipped to answer in such a small space.  The basics are these.  I am a junior International Studies major with a concentration in Community and Global Health at Macalester College. I focus my broad areas of study in projects on mental health and Latin@/Latin American studies. I am passionate about many things, mainly involving people and what is going on around me.  At Macalester, I am co-chair of our chapter of Active Minds, an organization that aims to eliminate stigma around mental health issues on college campuses and make sure people get the help they need.  I also participate in MacPlayers, a student-run theatre group, sing in the Highland Camerata and Medicinal Melodies, and dabble in things like social dance and tutoring.  I like local, sustainable, ethical food, writing, reading feminist blogs, going on walks, asking big questions, chai tea, and most of all, my family.  I want to spend the rest of my life having good conversations.

About This Blog-

This blog began in January 2013, at the beginning of my second semester of first year.  At the time, I didn't know a thing about blogging or about what I wanted this blog to be.  I simply knew that reading other people's thoughts and struggles made me feel more human and more connected.  I thought maybe by entering the conversation I could contribute to bringing the world a little closer together.

Nearly two years later, I have learned a ton, but occupy a similar space. Usually, to be honest, I just write about whatever.  This space is a view of the world from my perspective, hopefully a thought provoking or entertaining one.  I want to begin to hone in on some specific areas, though.

My rough goals lately are to talk about college life, particularly taking care of oneself at college, apply my studies/ passions (particularly mental health and health more generally) to the "real world," comment more generally on things that I feel strongly about (this often ends up being feminist ideas, and issues of identity will come up- as a second-generation quarter-Mexican, I am constantly navigating my place at an institution like Mac), and to develop some serial posts (ex. Mariah analyzes song lyrics, Mariah attempts craft projects, Mariah writes a bad poem every Friday, etc).

 Clearly, I have a broad way of looking at things, and I could use to narrow some more.  Mostly, I just want to stop using the Internet as my journal but never stop using it as a creative space or box myself in on what I am "supposed" to talk about here.  Likely as not, this space will always be under construction, as the only way I ever learn is by trying things out.  Whether you're here for the moment or for the long haul, thanks for being here.

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