Friday, January 3, 2014

On Trigger Warnings

You may notice that I have added trigger warnings to a couple of my posts and hope to continue to do so, as well as taking other steps to make this blog more accessible and less exclusionary.  While this is not primarily a social justice blog, social justice is important to me, and I hope for it to (I try to make it) run through each and every thing that I do.  I want to work in solidarity with all those fighting against injustice.  This is especially important to me because I consider myself to be a strong advocate for the elimination of stigma around mental health issues.  I have found, in this social justice work, that no work toward one cause can be separated from any other.  While I still find myself falling into the traps of the "white feminist"- ignoring or excluding other marginalized communities with my words or actions at times, I am fighting that with all my might and I am seeking to become more educated every day on how to work for social justice.  To those of you not a part of the social justice community, this may seem to be "trying to be more PC" or "not offend anyone,"  but it is deeper than that.  It is about understanding that my words and actions perpetuate a system that excludes and marginalizes others.  There are little things that I can do that can make a big difference, and I only know about a few of them right now, but I want to put the ones I know to use.  If I don't fight for social justice and inclusion in the little ways that I know how here, where I have total control, as well as everywhere else I can, I cannot consider myself a part of the solution.

Please, if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments, or on any personal platform by which you can reach me if you know me outside of this blog.  I hope to respond to you with compassion and a desire to learn, grow, and change.

P.S.  I have decided as of yet not to take down anything that I today find slightly problematic (or simply embarrassing) that I wrote years ago, as this blog is now old.  I want to respect my former self and my growth as a person and to recognize that this is all a journey.  I WILL, however, be, in my free time, rereading and determining if any of these infractions require an apology on my part, and I am open to your thoughts on this process.

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