Monday, August 5, 2013

Demi Lovato: Cosmo's August Cover Girl (And why this actually matters, so much)

Guys, I picked up a Cosmopolitan today.  Ordinarily I'd be very ashamed of this fact, even though I didn't buy it, but gosh, I like to think I take care of myself better than putting my eyes near that trash designed to make me feel horrible about myself.

HOWEVER, this Cosmo is different, because it has the beautiful, courageous, and currently plus-sized-looking Demi Lovato on the cover (I wouldn't usually talk about weight, but you have to admit, that's unusual for Cosmo), and an amazing interview inside. I read it sitting on the floor of the aisle of my local Target store because I'm like that. (Read: cheap.)

The interview was so inspiring that I went to look for it online afterwards when I got home.  I was a little shocked and disappointed, especially after reading the article, to see the results of my Google search for "Demi Lovato Cosmo 2013"-

"Demi Lovato Dishes on being Suicidal at age 7" (That's not what it is about- respect her WHOLE story.)
"Demi Lovato Bares Bra for 'Cosmopolitan' August 2013" (Also not what it is about.)
"Demi Lovato is smokin' hot on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine" (Also also not what it is about.)

How about Demi Lovato, real, fierce, and courageous?
Demi Lovato, champion mental health advocate?
Demi Lovato at her most vulnerable?
Demi Lovato, on being a role model?
Demi Lovato, total badass?

Okay, so maybe my headlines wouldn't sell too many magazines.  That's not what Cosmo is trying to sell, anyways.  Cosmopolitan is kind of the opposite of everything Demi Lovato stands for.  But I believe she is doing a powerful thing, using her voice and her story to inspire young women everywhere, and young women everywhere read Cosmo, so if she does it there, all the better.

Some gems from her interview, especially on self-acceptance and mental health (so you don't have to commit the sacrilege of actually touching the magazine):

"If you're spending your entire early 20s chasing the next party, what are you running away from?"
"Being a badass is having your shit together." (On facing problems head on, staying away from the party scene.)
"I totally allow myself to cry my eyes out, and I allow myself to open up to people and ask for help." (So important.)
"You've made it another year, an entire year. Some people, don't make it to 21." (On birthdays, what a big deal they are, and hers in particular.)

The final quotation I'll list really spoke to me, and I think it should be the swan song for anyone who has ever struggled with any form of mental illness. There are parts of our lives that we cannot live like other people.  But we don't stop.

"Sometimes I wake up and I'm like, Why can't I be normal?  Why can't I just... You know....?  But I can't.  So I don't."

Demi Lovato, staying strong, speaking out, and inspiring anyone who has ever struggled.  Now there is a role model.

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