Sunday, July 7, 2013


I have recently learned that people are calling my little sister a NAF.

NAF, means Non-athletic "F-er," as my sister termed it.  

She is taking this small and annoying development in stride, but it makes me sad.

First of all, because nobody messes with my sister. And why is the f-word necessary there, really? But more importantly, because my sister is actually pretty athletic.  She dances, runs, and swims, and even if she is not amazing, she can play virtually any sport you throw at her.  So this makes me upset and confused.  If my beautiful, rather popular, and undeniably actually pretty athletic younger sister can be called a NAF because she doesn't have perfect hand-eye coordination, where does that leave the rest of us?

I was made fun of a lot (back when people cared) for not being good at sports, but I was never called a NAF, probably because the term was not in use back then.  And thank goodness, too, because if my little sister is a NAF, I'm a SNAF (Super Non-athletic Fucker).  

Or better yet, a SNAFU, where the U stands for "Ugh! The ball just hit me in the face!"

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