Monday, October 29, 2012


The only way I'll do squats is if Zumba tricks me into it as part of a dance to some extremely misogynist song.

I like napping more than most other things.

I am way too enthusiastic about Prospective Freshman.

I watch really bad television.

Little things are really important to me.

I'm overly judgmental, but also overly loyal.

This year, I didn't wish him Happy Birthday.  But it wasn't on purpose.  Or maybe it is still his birthday, in which case it sort of is.

I'm scared that someone or something that was once so important to you can become so unimportant, and it has. Over and over.

I didn't notice that EVERY FEMALE in my school wore skinny jeans tucked into boots until I finally got some myself.  (Or maybe they just went shopping over Fall Break?)  Either way, I still think so many other styles are more flattering. But I'm being convinced....

If my boyfriend doesn't text me every 4-6ish hours, I become afraid that he died because I am a very rational human being.

I consider talking to the squirrels on my campus a mark of insanity, which means I live in perpetual insanity.

I really love humans, but college humans (and perhaps especially sophomore humans) are rather difficult sorts.

I get lonely.

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