Sunday, July 1, 2012

I am Always Seeing Motorcyclists

Sometimes I like to go on rants about things that bother me.  This is one of those times.

You know what I hate, guys?  The public service announcement constantly reminding me to "Start Seeing Motorcyclists." I may be a terrible driver, but I am always on the lookout to at least make sure I don't hurt anyone else.  So I am always seeing motorcyclists.

I am always seeing motorcyclists acting like idiots.

For example:
If you would like to share the road with cars, you should act like one.  This DOES NOT mean weaving in and out of tiny spaces in fast-moving (or even slow-moving) traffic.  If you squeeze your motorcycle into my three-second-following-distance and something happens causing me to have to stop rapidly, I will hit you.  And I will feel bad.  And the world will call it a tragic accident reminding us all to make sure we are properly sharing the road, instead of a tragic accident that could have easily been prevented if you were not being an idiot.

But not acting like a car might be excusable if you took, like, any safety precautions.  For example, a helmet.  If you hit a rock, or a car, or if a car hits you, or if you hit ANYTHING on the freeway, you will die.  Hate to break it to you, but your head is not as hard as you think.  Also, long sleeves would be a good idea, but my goodness, start with covering your cranium.

These examples I see with all but the smallest percentage of motorcyclists, but of course there are always special cases that remind me that idiots truly prevail in this world.

A particular case that I remember from my childhood was an incidence of minor road rage involving a motorcyclist not wearing a helmet, talking on a cell phone, giving someone the finger, and SMOKING A CIGARETTE.  Clearly, you sir, have a death wish.

And not three days ago, I was on the road, minding my own business, driving slightly over the speed limit in the left lane on 35E when all of the sudden there is a motorcyclist on my tail.  I'm freaking out because no one with that much skin exposed should be near me in a very heavy, very fast-moving hunk of metal.

But I shouldn't have worried.

No, this particular man would not be on my tail for long.  Before I had processed fully what was going on, the motorcyclist had changed lanes and passed me, and was far, far, far ahead of me on the highway.  (Which was all well and good for me, as I wanted to be nowhere near that, but keep in mind, I was already speeding... which puts this man's speed at over 80 mph).  As he pushed his wheels faster and faster along the winding freeway, I couldn't help but notice he was wearing shorts and a t shirt... and no helmet.  To put some icing on this cake, as he sped at a rate I can't even imagine from inside of a vehicle, he removed both hands from the handlebars, and rode that way until I lost sight of him.

Yes, I am always seeing motorcyclists.  And the ways they are acting, I am always wishing I wasn't.

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