Monday, May 7, 2012

Full Circle

I am sitting here in a nearly empty room that used to be mine after an unbearably long week of "see you later"s  (I'm not too terribly into goodbyes).

Getting out of here involved stress, parental criticisms on how I choose to organize my life (or choose not to), laughter, nervousness, excitement, boxes, laundry baskets, being unsure what to take with me, forgotten items, and plenty of reflection.

Parents and cars are all over campus, and people are walking in and out with odd random belongings.  Everybody is starting a new adventure.  Some people are looking forward to the freedom very much, others don't exactly know what they are doing yet.  Some are excited to go where they are going, some are going there because they could not go anywhere better.  Phone numbers and addresses have been exchanged, with promises to visit and skype that will maybe be kept.  It seems like a long time that we'll be apart, but it will fly by.

So we have come full circle.  Things are just as when we came here.  We left home, and made a new home in a room smaller than our kitchens that we shared with a stranger.  We shall leave here.  But we aren't really leaving.  We are arriving somewhere else.

Humans are strangely adaptable creatures, yet we do not believe this about ourselves over and over again when faced with change.  When I came here, a group I am involved in had me write a six word story about how I was feeling at the time.  I have never been great at doing these things on the spot, and especially not within the constraint of six words, but I wrote mine on the light purple piece of paper nonetheless.

"ready for adventure
                        nervous for transition."

As I sit here facing summer, I am unsure where I will work, what I will do, who I will see.  I'm dreading the return to the land of cows and conservatives, where I am far more than seven seconds away from my absolute best friends, but I'm looking forward to being seven seconds away from the people who are unconditionally there for me even if they really, really want me to pick up after myself and empty the dishwasher.  And I'm wondering if the person I've become will even be able to occupy a similar space the person I was did.  Will I be a puzzle piece that has outgrown the puzzle?  Will the puzzle be totally different as well?

But like any good Taylor Swift song, we have wound back to the beginning of this beautiful year, and if summer is anything like this year, it is going to be a little scary, but mostly wonderful.

I am nervous for the transition.  But oh boy, am I ready for adventure.

Let's jump in the pool.  (Metaphorically AND literally.)  : )

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