Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thank You

I really, really love to say thank you.  I like to write cards, I like to make people feel appreciated.  But I don't do it enough, and silly things get in the way.  Since I am in a funky mood and I know being grateful will help, I have decided to write thank you notes to everyone I want to thank and haven't or can't anymore or don't thank enough or it would be awkward to in a place other than this.  If you don't make the list it means nothing other than that I always need to be more grateful.

Professor von Geldern- Thank you for always assigning us a manageable amount of reading, in which each reading has a clear purpose or takeaway message that will further my understanding of International Studies.

Alex from Food Politics class- Thank you for bringing your attractive self to class every day.  But in all seriousness, thank you for always having something really really good, and relevant to add to the discussion when you raise your hand.

Andrew Kippley- Thank you for continuing to be a model of how I should interact with the world.  You were a wonderful friend and contributed so much to your world.  Thank you.

Those closest to me- Thank you for putting up with me, loving me, always being there for me, and enjoying my weirdness.  Thank you for long talks and long hugs and the simple knowledge that you are there, even when things are bad or when I do not appreciate you enough.

Those I have gone on some weird rant in front of- Thanks for not judging too much.  :)

My Grandmother- Thank you for bringing us to concerts and supporting us as we made music too.

Papa- Thank you for dropping everything to drive me where I need to go and acting like it is nothing.

My Roommate- Thanks for being so cool and respectful, putting up with my weird friends, and letting me basically run the place.

Tommy Hayes- Thanks for teaching me about everything a relationship should be, as well as what it should not.  Thank you for your patience with me.

Uncle Don- Thank you for telling me I should keep writing and being my first fan.

Wesley Brolik- Thank you for reminding me that I am driven, and that that is impressive.

Whoever invented sweater vests- Thank you.

To those who aren't afraid to be different, so long as they are themselves- Thank you, I am inspired by you.  Keep rocking.

To the people who thought I was weird but were nice to me anyway-  Oh, I know you guys are out there.  You matter.  Thanks.

Mrs. Agerter- Thank you for believing in me, thank you for teaching me how to write an annotated bibliography, thank you for being the best history teacher ever.

The police officer who responded to my car accident- Thank you for telling me the story of when you borrowed your father's new car and rolled it over in a ditch.  You could have been mean, but you made it okay.  Life happens.

The staff of ECFC- Thank you for helping six year old me get over her separation anxiety.

Mrs. Nygren- Thank you for essentially saving my college life over and over and over again.  

Andy Berndt- Thank you for still liking me and helping me get where I am today even though you met me when I was a beyond awkward 9th grader.  Thank you for telling those girls doing my hair and makeup at the summit on my birthday "Why don't you just let MacGeiger be MacGeiger?" because even though I liked having my hair done, I also needed to know I was okay as I was.

To be continued...

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