Saturday, April 7, 2012

Manners (A Rant that May Count as Advice)

It probably makes me judgmental to be thinking these things.  But in this case, I seriously don't care.  And since I'm sure no one wants to hear it in real life, I will complain here.  No one reads this thing anyways.

Dear World, whatever happened to good manners?  I'm not asking for anything big or significant or difficult.  I am talking about the silly little day to day things that make you not a jerk.

For example, if it is one in the morning, and you are drunk and going to a rave, that is okay.  It is even okay to comment loudly on the light show as you walk beneath my window.  However, it is not okay to have a conversation so loud that I not only need to put in ear plugs, but also shut my window.  After which I can still hear you.  If you want to have a conversation so loud, do it at the dance, or on the lawn, not right up next to a dorm.

Further example from last night, it is okay to break a glass in the bathroom.  (Although really, I don't know why you have a glass in the bathroom at all.)  However, here is how you respond to a broken glass in the bathroom.  #1- pick up the big pieces.  #2- Get a cup of water and pour it over the sickeningly-sweet smelling drink made of sugar and alcohol so the floor isn't unbearably sticky.  #3- Do the thing you, or some good Samaritan did and put a sign up warning us of broken glass.

But especially do number two.  Because now we have gnats. And the bathroom smells awful.

Example from today on the bus- Though I understand that it was a terrible idea to have something like 100 students take public transportation at the same time, we can all do some things to make it easier on each other and the public.  Here is the order of who gets seats if standing is required (and it soooo was) #1) The general public and those students who cannot stand (I'm not sure if there were any).  #2) Those with minor injuries and those who have trouble reaching the straps to hold onto.  #3) If you are a gentleman, you may, though you are not required, to give up your seat to a lady.  I know this is loaded with all sorts of gender issues, which is why it is a choice.  If you are anyone who feels comfortable standing, you may offer a seat to anyone who is currently standing.  This is not gendered and super nice, in my opinion.

Example from in general- you don't have to like people, but treat them with respect, I mean, seriously guys, this is college, not middle school.

Okay, rant over.  I realize how much I sound like your mother.  I'm fine with that because #1) I am going to be a damn good mother, and #2) Clearly someone needs to sound like a mom around here.

On a positive note, an ADORABLE little boy who was at Mercado Central (where we went on the field trip) gave me a kiss on the cheek today.  <3 <3 <3

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