Friday, April 13, 2012

Let's Play Good and Not-So-Good (Mis(s)adventures!)

It was Friday the 13th today, which I tend to think of as a slightly dangerous, but actually lucky day.  Or just any other day.  Today proves all of the above.

Starting from this morning...

Sleeping through class- Not good.
Finding out class was cancelled- GOOD!
Having already sent an email to your professor in apology- Not so good... and awkward.
Eating lunch with PFs!- Good. :)
Stress over final projects which have no guidelines, no rubric, no nothing that all fall at the same time- Not good.
Major miscommunications over group meetings for said projects- Not so good.
Anger/Sadness/Stress buildup- Not good.
Dinner (because when my blood sugar is low I am CRABBY)- Good!
Having family support to get rides to concerts- Good.
Spending a long time waiting- Not so good.
Playing silly games with Ruth, Inga, Rebecca, Hannah, and Gina to pass the time- Quite good!
Getting to see FUN.'s largest headlining show ever (and being at my first real-real meaning we did not sit on the fancy level and eat cheesecake-concert, and sharing the experience with such wonderful people)- SO, SO, SO GOOD! <3
Getting elbowed a lot- Not all that good.
The fact that the band was just as excited to be there as we were- SO GOOD!
The fact that if that was the largest headlining show Fun. has played, so, so many people are missing out- Not so good.
Two encores (and the energy of the room, and when the band made us turn and meet someone new/ music bringing people together)- SO, SO GOOD! :)
Having ordered a taxi for the exact perfect time without knowing how long the concert was- Quite good.  (This is me giving my organized self a pat on the back.)
That one time drunk people tried to steal our taxi and then made fun of us for being young- Not so good. But very funny.
That the taxi driver kicked them out and played great music that we all sang to- Good.
Finding out my sister was in a rollover car accident- Not good. Not good!
Finding out everyone was okay- VERY, VERY, VERY good.
Finding $10 on the ground to contribute to cab fare- Good. :) (And pretty cool of me, I might add.)
While talking to my father on the phone about the drunk people that tried to steal our taxi, some other drunk people  on campus thought I was talking about them, and proceeded to tell me that they were 24, not 20 or 21-Good??? (It is your call guys, I am really not sure about this one...)
Water- Good.
Sitting- Good.
Remembering I have chocolate- Very good.
Reflecting on QUITE a day- Good.

Friday the 13th was like my life.  I'm not sure whether to say it was lucky or a mess, but I do know it was wonderful.

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