Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Explaining my Tagline

Miss Advice, Mis(s)adventures, Mis(s)cellaneous-  What does that mean?
When I started this blog, those words served as inspiration as to what I would like to blog about, not to mention they created a cute little theme.

So this is my mission as I put fingers to keyboard and get this blog off the ground:
Miss Advice-  Any of my friends will tell you I'm the girl you can come to in a crisis, and I LOVE to give advice.  I read advice columns more often than I read anything else for fun, and my head and my heart work well together to create practical solutions.  Therefore, advice will show up naturally throughout this blog, whether it is advice on how to have a healthier diet (I have a food blog, too), or how to survive midterms.  It may be serious and I will also probably put some sarcastic guides up, too.  In addition to the advice I naturally give, as I have more followers, I would love to answer questions.  I am not an actual expert at anything but being human, but sometimes that's all you need.

Mis(s)adventures- I'd love to call myself Miss Adventures, but that would be a misnomer.  Unfortunately, I spend a lot more time doing homework than having adventures.  However, when I do go on adventures, funny and embarrassing things happen without fail.  For example, there was that awkward moment where I got too nervous to get off the ski lift on the 7th grade ski trip and instead got stuck up there.  The attendant had to stop the lift and essentially pick me up and put me on the ground, all while we were precariously perched over an uncleared brush area, as the ski lift had already begun its descent.  Since I don't mind laughing at myself and my cynical sense of humor always saves the day, I enjoy telling these stores.

Mis(s)cellaneous- Well, this is quite self-explanatory.  I like to talk.  I like to say what's on my mind, to explore key issues, or to simply muse.  I also really like quotations and lots of other things I am probably forgetting.  I definitely need a Miscellaneous section for when the randomness takes over.

That being said, I will be attempting to blog more diligently within these categories, and possibly making up new ones.  You never know with me.  Stay tuned.

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