Thursday, February 2, 2012

OMG Roommate

Hello Internet world,
So much is going on in my life!  I got into the class I wanted (Food Politics), I have been spending much time with friends, I do not feel like doing my abundance of homework, and I have a NEW ROOMMATE!

My old roommate and I split over issues of bedtime, and the rest of last semester I peacefully whiled away the hours in a room with so much floor space, desk space, closet space, storage space, etc, I didn't know what to do with myself.  I bunked the beds and set up the desks in the corner so that I could use both of them, and I did a lot more random singing and dancing.

But then Mariam came knocking on my door.  She needed a place to stay because her roommate had issues of bedtime and cleanliness, and she was super kind and communicative.  I was instantly okay with sharing my epic space.  As I post here, looking around at what has changed so suddenly and unexpectedly but positively, I realize a few things.
1) I am not a freak of nature who cannot live with other human beings.  I like living with Mariam.
2) Though my room is pretty, I can be quite disorganized.  I get the picture this girl never is.
3) I thought I had a lot of clothes.  Then, I met my new roommate.  She wears lots of pretty colors, too. My clothing is rather neutral.  I like my clothing the way it is, but I kind of like having that stuff take up the other closet.  It is pretty and neat, and it is not so lonely.
4)  What was I doing without an abundance of pretty air fresheners? My room smells fresh, like rain, now.  I am into darker, spicier scents, usually, like cinnamon or cherry, but I really like these.
5) I like the symmetry we have going on in our decorations.  I have a peace sign hanging from my bookshelf, she has a dream catcher.  I have a wax hand made during one of the first weeks of school in sign language for I love you, she has two fingers up, a peace sign.  They are both purple.  Her decorations are olive green and blue, mine are the same olive green and fuschia, with influences of that blue.  We are definitely different people, but I like how this arrangement is working out so far.  With our complimentary attitudes, communication styles, and room decorations, it is like we were meant to live together.

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