Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Little Reasons for Living

I like to make lists.  Many of my lists are negative.  I know lots and lots of these "Reasons to Smile" list exist, but that is not going to stop me from making my own, personal list of joyful things in life.  I have made a list like this in the past in a notebook.  I am starting over, with elements that are the same and elements that are different. Smile!
1) Butterflies
2) Sustainable food
3) Inspiring quotations
4) My family
5) Purple pens
6) Colorful office supplies
7) Best friends
8) iPods
9) Cities 97 and their Sampler CDs
10) Macalester
11) Having my own dorm room
12) Crayons
13) Impressionist paintings
14) Tutoring at Grace-Trinity (Patricia and Samera)
15) Hot baths
16) Great books
17) Informative books
18) Books just for fun (chick lit)
19) Libraries
20) Earrings
21) Headbands
22) Wearing flowers in my hair
23) Snail mail
24) Naps
25) Hugs
26) Idealism
27) Getting to choose the in-store play at Barnes and Noble while working in music
28) Reaching sudden understanding (lightbulb!)
29) Tea
30) Tortillas
31) Orange Juice
32) Babies
33) Puppies
34) Laughter
35) Argyle
36) Nerdy glasses
37) Boys
38) Being able to help someone
39) Words of Affirmation
40) Holding hands

To be continued...

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